1. PRODUCTIVITY – Link-Belt X3 Excavators are faster than ever! We’ve stepped it up a notch when compared to our already productive X2 Series. By enhancing the hydraulics and optimizing the attachment, the X3 excavators now have cycle time improvements of 3% – 5%!
  2. FUEL ECONOMY – Link-Belt X3’s are leading the way when it comes to fuel efficiency! Not only can you expect better fuel consumption of at least 5% – 10% when compared to our efficient X2 machines, but we now have 3 idle modes to help eliminate fuel waste! One-touch idle, auto-idle, and now the all new auto-idle shutdown mode are all designed to keep more money in your pocket and more fuel in the machine.

  3. EPA CERTIFIED TIER 4A COMPLIANT – Link-Belt X3’s are not only easy on your budget, they’re easy on the environment! The X3’s feature the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Isuzu engine ever used. An all new cooling package helps to keep the engine running cool and smooth while a redesigned cooled EGR system takes hot exhaust gases and cools it down so it can be mixed with fresh air before being reintroduced into the combustion process thus helping to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). The new variable-geometry turbo (VGT) helps to keep the combustion process optimized during low engine rpm’s and the addition of a diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) helps to reduce particulate matter (PM) to meet Tier 4a standards!

  4. SERVICEABILITY – Link-Belt X3’s are easy to maintain! X3’s have built upon the previous generation’s ease of service with the same ground level access to all filters. We also made it easier to access the fuse box and moved the A/C air intake filter to the outside of the cab for easier access. We also added gas dampers to help raise the engine hood! By far the largest improvement in serviceability comes from the new monitor. Now operators have direct access to monitor and control the machine, as well as setup and track service interval times on thirteen different items.

  5. NEW HD LED MONITOR – Link-Belt X3’s are equipped with a 7-inch full color LED monitor! This new monitor makes the operating experience even better by allowing the operator to set the auxiliary hydraulic flows and pressures from inside the cab! A new fuel consumption gauge and full color rear-view camera are all standard and viewable right on the screen! You can also install an additional side-view camera to view both videos simultaneously on the screen for added safety and visibility .

  6. PRECISION – Link-Belt X3’s are smooth and easy to control! New joysticks have been refined to improve the operator’s feel of the machine with larger, easier to push triggers on both sticks for reduced operator fatigue. A new wiper blade function was added to the joystick and compliments the radio mute and one touch idle functions nicely! And the joysticks are still prewired for auxiliary hydraulics straight from the factory.

  7. DURABILITY – Link-Belt X3’s are built to last with durability and strength in mind. Like Link-Belt models before it, the X3’s have a one piece, reinforced turntable bearing tub design that is welded on top and bottom of the car body to provide enhanced strength and durability at the machine’s center of rotation. The X3’s now have an optimized attachment with thicker plated steel where it needs it the most! And every single boom and arm we manufacture gets ultra-sound tested to ensure the highest level of strength and durability!

  8. COMFORT – Welcome to the X3 Comfort Zone! The Link-Belt X3 has a redesigned cab to not only give the operator the safest working environment but also to make them feel at home with some really nice amenities. We’ve added over 7% more foot space, increased upper and right-hand side visibility, added a more powerful A/C system, and cut down on in cab noise levels by 2dB! The monitor really makes it easy to monitor the machine while operating in your extremely comfortable nine-way adjustable KAB seat. Fine tune your fully adjustable consoles and arm rests, plug your MP3 player into the factory standard auxiliary audio port, and listen to your favorite tunes while putting in a hard days work!

  9. SAFETY – Link-Belt X3’s have taken safety to all new level with a durable, reinforced ROPS-certified cab to comply with ISO regulations to give the operator piece of mind when operating! A rear-view camera can easily be viewed on the full-color HD LED monitor. There’s also room for an optional side-view camera that can be viewed simultaneously with the rear-view camera! In addition, two mirrors have been added to the rear of the machine for increased visibility… talk about safety!

  10. INDUSTRY BEST WARRANTY – Link-Belt X3’s come with the best Standard Warranty in the industry! All X3’s come standard with a 1 year / 1,800 hour full machine warranty, 2-Year / 3,000-hour engine warranty and a 2-Year / 2,000-hour engine electrical warranty* and a most impressive 3-year / 10,000 hour structural warranty that covers all major structural components as well as the turntable bearing.