Seed consistently and accurately every time with the Woods Precision Super Seeder (PSS) calibration system. While seeding charts are a helpful reference, you need a more precise system to make the most of your seed and your time. With the Woods PSS you can simulate planting, even while the seeder is stationary, removing the waste and guesswork in one quick, easy process.

  • Three seed box options — cool season, warm season, and legume — let you plant anything from rye and oats to prairie grasses, wild flowers, radishes and soybeans
  • Efficient, one-pass planting of up to two seed types at one depth and legume seeds at a different depth with models equipped with three seed boxes
  • All seed boxes can be engaged and disengaged independently with a single lynch pin — no tools required

Tractor HP range 25 – 45 hp
Woods PSS48 49-inch
Woods PSS60 60-inch

Tractor HP range 30 – 85 hp
PSS72 72-inch
PSS84 84-inch

Don’t miss this deal! Application period is October 1-15. You can find the TAEP 2018 Application A here.

Contact Pamela Bartholomew-Gardner to help you get the perfect pasture seeder to fit your needs and that is eligible for TAEP Livestock Equipment Reimbursement. Call 615-972-1008.