Shock Isolation – Sakai’s unique, custom-designed shock isolators reduce the transmission of vibration back to the operator and critical machine components.

Chassis – Super heavy-duty articulating and oscillating center hitch design provides superior chassis stability, ground contact and operator control.

Thick Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Frame -Sakai roller models include thick heavy duty hardened steel frames surrounding the machine.

Braking Systems – Sakai is the only roller manufacturer to offer three separate braking systems, including an automotive foot brake as a standard safety feature on all its machines.

  • Dynamic hydrostatic braking is activated by simply returning the forward-reverse lever to its neutral position.
  • The parking brake may be activated by depressing the brake switch at the operator’s station console. In emergency situations, this same braking system may be activated by depressing an automotive-style footbrake in front of the operator’s seat.
  • A spring-applied, hydraulically-released (SAHR) brake is automatically activated upon engine or hydraulic system failure.
  • Shell Kit (soil models) -The smooth bolt on shell kit is a two panel set that bolts to the inner drum, preventing shell warping and retaining torque as a result of slightly increasing the overall diameter of shell and drum combined.

Counter-rotating Drum Weights – Unlike most competitive rollers, Sakai counter-rotates their shaft weights within each drum. This concept provides a smoother surface finish by eliminating bow wave build up and the resultant hairline cracking created by a unidirectional rotation. Counter-rotation causes the drum to vibrate vertically while canceling out the lateral forces that can cause bow waves and cracking. Most manufacturers rotate their weights together in the same direction. This design causes forces to be generated in all directions including laterally, at which time they can create a bow wave in front of the drums. This bow wave, in turn can cause hairline cracking of the mat.

Pump System – Sakai employs a back-up pumping system that will immediately take over if the primary system fails.

Chamfered Drum Edges –Machined drum surfaces and rounded edges provide a concentric rolling drum for a mark-free asphalt mat.

Winterization Kit –Most Sakai roller come wit a built in winterization kit, easily allowing water to be drained and anti-freeze to occupy water system.

Engines – Sakai employs a selected range of highly popular diesel engines designed for a combination of power, fuel efficiency and long-term reliability. All engines comply with all current EPA/Carb emission regulations.

Drive Train – Mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies are incorporated to transmit power effectively from the engine to the propulsion, vibration and steering systems.

Propulsion – Typical propulsion systems in Sakai rollers employ a conventional, multi-speed, closed-loop hydrostatic transmission system consisting of a variable-speed piston pump and fixed piston motors. Sakai drives its drums directly rather than indirectly through the shock isolation system. This technique ensures efficient transmission of power while eliminating radial stresses on the isolators. Combined with this positive transmission of power, the necessity of constantly replacing expensive shock isolators is virtually eliminated.

Cross Mounted Drive and Vibration Motors (asphalt models) -Sakai tandem drum rollers employ cross mounted drive and vibration motors to evenly apply force to the mat and prevent the machine from pulling in either direction.

Quarter Turn Brass Spray Nozzles – Simple quarter turn brass spray nozzles at the spray bars are easy to clean and replace on the run.

Sprayer Bar Covers – The sprayer bar cover protects the sprayer bars from wind and debris.

Rubber Scrapper Pads – Keep debris from sticking to the drum while at the same time ensuring that the water spray is spread evenly across the surface of the drum. The spring-loaded mats are easy to disengage for cleaning.

Safety – ROPS and seatbelts are included on all rollers.

Comfortable Bucket Seats– Operator comfort and excellent visibility.