Governor Bill Haslam signed a proclamation to officially recognize June 17-23 as National Forage Week in Tennessee.

Forage is plant material eaten by livestock. In the US, 134 million tons of hay are produced each year.

Gary Bates, director of the Beef and Forage Center at University of Tennessee and chairman of the AFGC National Forage Week committee, says, “We often take forage crops for granted. We look at a beautiful pasture and see the grazing livestock and not the forage. The most impactful plants in our world are right under our feet. Many people do not realize how much forage plants impact their lives. From meat and dairy all the way to ornamental grasses, forages touch most people’s lives in some fashion.”

In 2017 farmers across the state harvested more than 1.7 million acres of hay and brought $130.7 million in cash receipts for hay. Parman Tractor & Equipment is located in the middle of the state and has hay equipment available to help farmers have a successful crop.  We can assist you in finding the perfect New Holland hay equipment.

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