Multi-Spindle Rotary Bush Hog Cutters for Sale in Nashville

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Multi-Spindle Rotary Bush Hog Cutters are designed for heavy crop cleaning, pasture maintenance, and big jobs that require a durable, reliable machine.

Stop by and see the 10ft and 8ft cutters, the BH 2010 & BH 2308.

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Bush Hog® 2308 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

2308 Series (Available in Pull, Lift & Semi-Mount Models)

The 2308 models are designed to cut grass, weeds and up to 1 1/2” diameter brush. The lift and semi-mount models are equipped with twin beam axles and 15” laminated tires. The pull model has the heavy duty cushioned axles with larger 20” laminated tires. An optional hydraulic cylinder on the heavy duty axle allows for on-the-go cutting height adjustment. Rubber disc cross shafts between gearboxes absorb shock loads while keeping the blades timed with a 5 inch overlap to prevent streaking. Deep sidebands result in more volume area beneath the deck for cutting extra heavy growth conditions. The 2308 delivers performance you expect from Bush Hog® which includes rugged durability and a clean cut. Bush Hog®—Performance You Can Count On.

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