As colder weather approaches you need to use fuel additives to prevent fuel jelling. Fuel additive should be added anytime the ambient temperature is below 32 degrees F. Power Service and Penray are popular manufactures of fuel additives and both companies have two different products available through Navistar and Idealease locations.

Power Service:

  • The “Red Bottle” is Power Service 911 and is to be used only when the fuel in a unit has been jelled and NOT TO BE USED AS A PREVENTATIVE MEASURE TO KEEP FUEL FROM JELLING.
  • Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane “White Bottle” is to be added to the fuel at each fill when the ambient temperature is < 32 degrees F.
  • This is the additive you should use on a regular basis during the winter months.

Penray: Winter Thaw Emergency Diesel Fuel Supplement

  • Dissolves already gelled fuel fast and reduces clogging of fuel filters. Prevents ice crystal build-up in fuel lines and filters by disbursing moisture.
  • Eliminates hard starting, pounding, excessive smoking and helps improve combustion. 100% compatible with low sulfur fuel and fuel blends.
  • Here again, Winter Thaw Emergency is ONLY TO BE USED WHEN THE FUEL IS ALREADY JELLED.

Winter Pow-R Plus Diesel Fuel Supplement

ULSD compliant. Prevents gelling of diesel fuel. Prevents ice crystal formation. Reduces cold filter plug point B as much as 30ºF. It helps enhance cetane, improve fuel economy, utilizes HAFI® technology, improves cold weather starting, stabilizes and prevents corrosion, helps reduce emissions and improve lubricity.

Originally Posted on the Idealease Safety Bulletin