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The Link-Belt X2 series of excavators are proof that LBX is always innovating to provide the best choice for contractors in the industry. ExtremeTechnology has resulted in significant improvements in the areas of power, profitability, efficiency, productivity, durability, serviceability and comfort.

Real power is achieved in the X2 series due to perfect synergy between engine power and hydraulic power. This power is complemented by the increased profitablity of clean-burning and fuel efficient Isuzu engines. The X2 series is designed for maximum efficiency through improvements in the engine and hydraulic system. And the productivity of the X2 series is remarkable, with two-speed boom lifting and arm open/close functions that work in cooperation with hydraulic system regeneration to provide exceptional speeds in digging, lifting and swing applications. Additionally, every major component of the X2 provides maximum strength, support and durability. And with a 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change interval and a 2,000-hour filter replacement interval, the owning and operating costs of the X2 are likely the lowest in the industry. Finally, the X2 Series cab has industry-leading spaciousness, expansive legroom, quietness and amenities.

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