Core Brand Promise

  • Access to Technology – Along with an unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of service possible, we must make technology available to our customers that enhances and personalizes their experience and makes them want to come back. This includes simplifying self-service elements as well as automated processes.
  • Continuous Improvement – Today’s customers expect their brands to constantly strive to make their decisions and daily lives less complicated than before. By constantly refining processes and customer interaction, we are more likely to foster a closer and deeper working relationship with customers, increasing our chances of winning their appreciation and dedication.
  • Flawless Execution – From answering the phone to closing a deal, the smoother and more seamless everything feels to the customer, the more they become attached. Flawless execution is more than just responding to customer needs; it’s also about anticipating and addressing needs they don’t know they have. Flawless execution builds value in the brand and confidence in the hearts and minds of customers.


OUR MISSION  Parman Tractor and Equipment is an employee-owned company, and we believe talent has no limits.  As owners, we are committed to exceeding expectations in everything we do, always keeping safety at the forefront.  Each day we seek to earn customer confidence by providing optimized solutions and superior service.


About Parman

Parman Holdings LLC is the parent company of Parman Tractor & Equipment, along with Parman Energy Group and other companies based in Nashville, TN. Parman has a long history in Tennessee, dating back to the 1930s. Over the years Parman has grown and expanded.

In 2019, Parman Holdings LLC created Parman Tractor & Equipment to better serve the agriculture and equipment markets in Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Parman Holdings is an employee owned company.